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2024 TOTEM Officer Elections

The TOTEM Election Committee is pleased to announced the results of the 2024 election. The results are as follows:

Vice President

Amey Tamagni - Winner with 76 votes

Alicia Woods- with 50 votes


Leah Parks- Winner with 66 votes

Denise Buchanan- with 59 votes

Member at Large Instructional (2 Seats)

Amanda Marley- Winner with 65 votes

Richara Binion- Winner with 61 votes

Jenna Gulley- with 59 votes

Tracy Prince- with 59 votes

There were also 6 write in votes.


Member at Large Non Instructional

Sarah Widdison- ran unopposed

Congratulations to our winners,  We'd like to thank everyone who ran as well as all our members who voted.


Best Regards,

Your TOTEM Election Committee

Diane Johnson

Election Judge

Click each candidates' name for their bio.

TOTEM Vice President Candidates

TOTEM Treasurer Candidates

TOTEM Member-at-Large-Instructional Candidates

Electronic Voting Instructions:


TOTEM works with a company called eBallot, which monitors and assures a fair and confidential election. TOTEM submits a list of members and their personal email addresses to eBallot. The morning that voting opens, members will receive an email from eBallot with a confidential username and password to vote with. Please be on the lookout for this email! It will most likely be filed within your junk mail, but if you mark it safe, you shouldn’t have trouble finding the email in future elections or votes.


If you do not receive this email, you may not be a member in good standing of TOTEM* or TOTEM may not have your correct personal email address. Please contact the TOTEM Office at 562-1183 to find out. The TOTEM Office may need to direct you to eBallot help who can retrieve your specific username and password. You will need to verify your phone number for them to do so, and they will be happy to make sure you have a chance to vote.

*In Accordance with the TOTEM Bylaws, Article IV Membership, Section 3:

In order to be considered a Member in Good Standing, members must have paid three (3) consecutive months of dues, be current with their dues, and be actively employed in their position.

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