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Dollar Bills


A Guide to Salary Increases

TOTEM members have the opportunity  to receive a 2% to 7% increase in their base wage for professional certificates, college credits, degrees, or passage of the ETS Paraprofessional Test and Assessment. ASD and TOTEM recognize the following certification programs per Section 507 of the TOTEM/ASD Collective Bargaining Agreement:​


The PSP is governed by the National Association of Educational Office Professionals (NAEOP) to encourage professional growth of educational support staff.  The certificates are based on five areas: experience, education, evaluation, in-service, and professional activity.  You must complete requirements in all five areas and must be a member of NAEOP to apply. Certificate awards include a 2%, 4%, 6%, and 7% pay increase per the negotiated Collective Bargaining Agreement, Section 507.1. In order to be eligible for a PSP Certificate, you must first attend a PSP Workshop. Forms are available in a Microsoft Word format or a PDF version here. If you have any questions you may email Amey Tamagni at or Alicia Woods at


The CAP Certificate is well known in the business world as a mark of excellence that will be recognized no matter where the person works.  It shows an employer that an employee will go the extra mile and is someone interested in keeping up with the new technology and current office practices.  Many colleges and universities also offer course credit for passing the CAP exam.

IAAP (International Association of Administrative Professionals), the organization that sponsors the CAP test, is currently undergoing a change in their structure. As part of the reorganization, changes in how and when the CAP testing is administered will take place beginning in 2015. The test will be given in March and September instead of May and November and they are moving from a paper and pencil test to computer-based testing.

For more information as the reorganization moves forward you can visit the IAAP website: or contact Sandy Thompson at


per Section 507.2 TOTEM/ASD Contract: 

Employees seeking education recognition through the 48 College Semester Credit option are responsible for providing official transcripts from an accredited institution to the Human Resources Department for review. The 48 College Semester Credit percentage will be effective on the date of receipt of the official transcripts.

Employees seeking recognition through the Paraprofessional Assessment option shall receive
the percentage when they have passed all required tests and the Human Resources Department has received the confirmation paperwork.

ETS ParaPro Assessment    2%

48 College Semester Credits    2%


NCLB Requirements (may not be combined with the PSP or CAP percentages)

Option 1: 48 College Semester Credits

1. TOTEM members must request copies of all official sealed transcripts, equal to the 48 semester credit hours, from the college or university records office be sent to the TOTEM member.  Do not mail the transcripts to ASD or open the transcripts.

2. Upon receiving all of the official transcripts, the TOTEM member must submit the official sealed transcripts and the completed TOTEM Salary Increase and Qualification for NCLB Form to the ASD Human Resources Department.

Option 2: ETS Paraprofessional Assessment

1. Upon passing the ETS Parapro Assessment Test and the employee observation, the TOTEM member must submit the Letter of Completion from the ASD Training and Professional Development Department and the completed TOTEM Salary Increase and Qualification for NCLB Form to the ASD Human Resources Department.


The ETS ParaProfessional Test is now available to take Monday-Friday by appointment at the UAA Campus. TOTEM Employees who take and pass the ETS test will be eligible for a 2% salary increase and will be qualified to work in NCLB positions. For more information regarding the ETS Test, please visit:

ETS Parapro Information.

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