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2023 TOTEM Officer Elections

Dear TOTEM Member,

On behalf of the TOTEM Elections Committee, please read the following:


The officer election has been certified by the independent online voting company Votenet Solutions, Inc.


The results are:



Sandy Thompson-Wallace (Receiving 60% of the votes)  

Sean McGrane (Receiving 40% of the votes)


Member-at-Large Non-Instructional:

Tammy Hanson (Receiving 57% of the votes)  

Sarah Widdison (Receiving 43% of the votes)


We thank you all for your participation and hope those candidates who were unsuccessful will continue to support TOTEM.


In Solidarity,

TOTEM Elections Committee

In accordance with the TOTEM Bylaws, Article XI Voting, Section 5, TOTEM conducts its elections by electronic voting. TOTEM contracts with a firm that the American Federation of Teachers recommended. The firm ensures that voting is in compliance with U.S. Department of Labor Standards.

Since we have moved to electronic voting, which saves the union approximately $5000 per election, TOTEM does not require an Election Judge, Teller or Checkers.

TOTEM President Candidates

Election Day

Sandy Thompson Wallace

Election Day

Sean McGrane

Election Day

Tammy Hanson

Election Day

Sarah Widdison

TOTEM Member-at-Large-Non-Instructional Candidates

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