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2024 TOTEM Spring Conference

TOTEM is very pleased to host the 2024 Spring Conference. It will be held on Monday and Tuesday, March 11th & 12th, 2024, on UAA Campus. Registration for individual classes will begin at 4pm on Friday, February 16th, and close on Friday, March 1st at 8pm. We look forward to seeing you there!

Spring Conference Classroom 2.jpg


The packet provides a map of UAA and parking, MLP Registration Deadline, Class Descriptions, TOTEM Membership Meeting information, and more. Please note, class spots will be filled on a first come, first serve basis. Please give the packet a read, and sign up early for your classes!

2024 TOTEM Spring Conference Packet


Monday, March 11th, during lunch, we will be awarding the 2023/24 $250 Professional Growth and $500 Continuing Education Member Scholarships.

Tuesday, March 12th, during lunch, we will be closing the silent auction and announcing the top bidder of each basket. As well as door prizes given out, both Monday and Tuesday.

Prior to the Conference you may also nominate yourself or another TOTEM member as long as you and the nominee are Members in Good Standing *Per Bylaws, Article 4, Sect. 3*, by sending an email to or dropping it off in person at the TOTEM office, or by U.S. Mail.

2024-2026 Nomination of Director Form

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The TOTEM Spring Conference is paid for entirely by TOTEM dues and is free for TOTEM Members. If you are not a dues paying member of TOTEM, you may attend the conference on a space available basis for $75 per day or $125 for both days. During the registration period, we will be auditing the class lists and dropping nonmembers from the courses to make room for members. Once the registration period is closed, you may contact the TOTEM Office and see if there is room available. If there is, you must submit the following form to the TOTEM Office by Thursday, March 9th, in order to attend. 

2024 Conference Payment Form

Don't want to pay? Join TOTEM today! Membership with TOTEM provides many benefits, including getting paid to attend Spring Conference, applications for scholarships, participating in the PSP to maximize your paycheck, and much more.

 Membership Form

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