TOTEM Association OF Educational Support Personnel, Inc., APEA/AFT



In 2004, TOTEM Association affiliated with Alaska Public Employee’s Association (APEA) and the American Federation of Teachers (AFT). This affiliation brought strength in numbers and many additional resources and benefits to TOTEM and its members. Here are just a few:                         

Office Space:  TOTEM’s office is provided by APEA/AFT, this includes office supplies, telephone and fax lines, internet and e-mail accounts, copy machines and copies, postage, newsletter printing, materials for the New Member Packets, and on going staff support. 

Staff Support:  TOTEM Office Administrative Assistant:  Barbara Strong. 

APEA/AFT Office and Field Staff: Jennifer Madsen, Brian Penner and Gene Christian. These support staff members have all represented members of TOTEM or TOTEM as an organization in everything from grievances, arbitrations, trainings, general contract administration and union administration matters.               

Legal Support:  TOTEM is not billed for legal advice provided by APEA and AFT. 

Liability Insurance:  Member Liability insurance paid by APEA.  Also the TOTEM Executive Board, Negotiators and Employee Reps are provided liability insurance protecting them from liability and/or damage arising out of acts on behalf of TOTEM done within the course and scope of their duties. 

Trainings: TOTEM has participated in Employee Rep Training, Grievance Training, Negotiations Training and Executive Board Training.  All of these training are vital to the TOTEM members serving as your Executive Board and Employee Reps.

 Spring Conference:    Two (2) day paid conference for TOTEM members each year during spring break.